Laguna's Youth Leaders Aim for SK Governance

Posted on June 26, 2023


June 26, Calamba City - To build the capacities of the youth of Laguna and foster their active engagement in the political process, INCITEGov and the People Power Volunteers for Reform (PPVR) collaborated to organize a two-day Leadership Training on Politics-Governance-Development (P-G-D) on June 24 and 25, 2023. Held in Calamba City, the training received an energetic response from twenty-seven (27) young leaders hailing from the cities of Cabuyao and Calamba, as well as the municipalities of Lumban, Kalayaan, Siniloan, and Pila.


The training followed the PPVR Caraga leadership training model, incorporating the INCITEGov Politics-Governance-Development (P-G-D) as its framework. Mario Neri and Marvin Pamisa of PPVR Caraga led as PPVR's trainers, with inputs from its founder and chairperson, Concepcion Asis. Shei Datinguinoo of INCITEGov handled the session on Leadership, Politics, and Governance. Over two days, participants gained knowledge and skills about the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) as a platform for youth political engagement. They explored SK and youth development council roles, responsibilities, and relevant policies on candidacy filing and campaign conduct.


A key aspect of the training focused on fostering introspection and self-reflection to help participants discover their own leadership journeys. By reflecting on their personal experiences, strengths, and challenges, these young leaders were better prepared to serve their communities and craft agenda and governance platforms tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of their stakeholders.



Additionally, the training emphasized the significance of effective communication and the strategic use of social media. The trainers led the participants in various workshops in effective communications. Social media was highlighted as a valuable tool for mounting participatory SK governance platforms in their respective barangays, ensuring a cost-efficient and impactful outreach to their constituents.


The two-day training culminated with a session on Politics-Governance-Development. A participant shared an insightful perspective, stating that effective leaders should possess a strong value system that allows them to adapt their approach depending on the unique circumstances of each decision. A decisive and firm approach might be necessary in emergencies, while a more compassionate and inclusive approach can foster active participation in other areas of governance.



Notably, the participants also emphasized the value of life and expressed their opposition to extrajudicial killings, referencing ex-President Duterte's controversial drug war. They firmly advocated for finding peaceful and humane solutions to address the drug issue.


The training program aligns with INCITEGov's commitment to nurturing a vibrant democracy where citizens are empowered to collectively pursue transparent and accountable governance that achieves the desired development goals. To implement such initiatives for the SK and local governance, INCITEGov partners with local civil society organizations that share the same vision of supporting young leaders on their journey towards democratic politics and inclusive governance. #