Capacitating ASAP Leaders for Barangay Governance

Posted on August 10, 2023


August 10, Antipolo City, Philippines - Sixty-two (62) leaders of people's organizations from the member-organizations of Alyansa ng Samahang Pantao (ASAP) underwent a two-day seminar on barangay governance and leadership. The seminar, held in Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Hotel in Antipolo, Rizal on August 4 to 6, was made possible through the partnership between and among INCITEGov, ASAP, Community Organizers Multiversity - CO Multiversity, Institute of Politics and Governance, Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking (CYAN) and LeadGov Hub. All of the participants are aspiring barangay chairpersons and councilors from Manila, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Antipolo, Cavite, and Rizal.


Arline Santos, the Executive Director of the Institute of Politics and Governance, welcomed participants and expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort between and among ASAP, INCITEGov, COM , LEADGov HuB and the CYAN, which made this seminar possible. She highlighted the strict participant selection process based on two key criteria: a commitment to progressive values and a proven leadership track record within their organizations.



Santos acknowledged the challenges of traditional politics and recognized that a strong good governance platform alone will not guarantee electoral success. However, despite these challenges, participants have courageously chosen to engage in politics with the aim of promoting effective governance in their barangays. She emphasized the seminar's practical role in empowering them with the necessary methods and tools for progressive political campaigning. In essence, the seminar equips participants to effectively advocate for good governance.


Rafaela David, President of Akbayan, addressed the question of why participating in electoral politics matters. She talked about the importance of elections in a democracy, underlining its pivotal role in bestowing the public with the authority to choose their leaders. She also discussed the meaning of power, the various types of powers, and how power can be used by accountable leaders to empower communities to achieve their vision of society. She also discussed the difference between progressive/modern politics and traditional politics.



Derek Placido, leading the session from IPG, guided attendees through a session on political mapping and analysis. The objective was to equip participants with the skills to effectively understand the prevailing issues and concerns within their respective barangays. Placido facilitated a hands-on experience, providing tools and techniques for the task.


Santos delved into platform building and development, while Kyle Salcedo, also from IPG, discussed effective messaging and communication on social media platforms.



The final segment constituted of a mock 'miting de abanse,' during which participants eagerly embraced the challenge of presenting themselves and platforms as embodiments of modern/progressive politics.


Jonjon Elago, President of ULAP, a member organization of ASAP, delivered the closing remarks. He expressed gratitude to the leaders of ASAP for their bold decision to participate in the barangay elections. Elago underlined the significance of their political engagement, highlighting that the realm of politics is far too vital to be exclusively entrusted to conventional politicians.



As the seminar came to an end, the participants expressed profound gratitude for the invaluable learning opportunity and the chance to exchange their own experiences. They committed to maintaining open lines of communication and nurture a community of advocates dedicated to advancing progressive local governance. They promised to continue getting in touch through the ASAP network for sharing updates, providing mutual support, and collectively contributing to the advancement of their shared goals. #