ASAP drafts proposals to help advance urban poor strategies

Posted on November 16, 2023

By LA Tolentino

Leaders representing various organizations under the urban poor group Alyansa ng Samahang Pantao (ASAP) convened for a general assembly on Nov. 13.


The assembly was attended by 29 ASAP leaders, including representatives from Urban Poor Associates, ULAP Confederation, KOSMAT, PSP Youth, Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pamilya ng Pantawid, KMALAYAN, and Kakampink Kalookan.


A key recommendation after the discussion of the propositions was the development of a flagship campaign that would respond to critical political and economic issues affecting democracy. However, the group pointed out that the issues that will be identified should resonate with and can be easily understood by ordinary citizens.


Another notable proposal that emerged was the implementation of community organizing through its member organizations.


These approaches aim to proactively engage the hubs in local activities, with TindigPH members and independent organizations collectively addressing community concerns.



Other critical proposals were raised, including the need for sustained community presence, especially among vulnerable youth and senior citizens.


Another essential proposal focused on providing social services and emergency support to communities.



In summary, the ASAP General Assembly served as a platform for substantive discussions and proposals to advance the interests of the urban poor. The active participation of representatives from various organizations demonstrated their collective commitment to addressing the needs of communities across the Philippines.