Every Woman General Assembly strategizes to advance women's agenda in politics

Posted on November 22, 2023

By LA Tolentino

Members and member organizations od Every Woman gathered on Nov. 17 in a general assembly marked by spirited discussions and insightful presentations, illuminating vital issues facing women in the Philippines and outlining strategic pathways for political engagement and advocacy.


Every Woman convenor-at-large Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio opened the forum and set the tone by reaffirming the coalition's commitment to upholding the dignity and rights of Filipino women.


Against the backdrop of recent political developments, including the release of former Senator Leila De Lima, Claudio emphasized the enduring importance of women's participation in shaping the nation's future.


A noteworthy moment in the assembly was the presentation of a study on the status of women's vote in the Philippines.


Joanna Marie Caumeran unveiled findings that challenged conventional wisdom, revealing a stark reality: There is no distinct "women's vote" that exists in Philippine politics. This revelation sparked discussions on the need for targeted voter education and substantive engagement with political candidates.


The assembly buzzed with energy during the open forum, where participants tackled the research findings and offered valuable insights.


Constructive feedback underscored the importance of refining research methodologies and amplifying women's voices across diverse communities. The research team, in response, affirmed their commitment to participatory methodologies and pledged to strengthen future studies.



Meanwhile, Tindig Pilipinas (Tindig PH) convenor Teresita "Ging" Quintos Deles underscored the coalition's role in advocating for pro-democratic reforms. As discussions unfolded, participants grappled with pressing national issues, from territorial disputes to political polarization.


Given these, Deles highlighted the need for a consolidated progressive movement and urged proactive engagement with emerging political dynamics.


As a member hub of Tindig PH, Every Woman reaffirmed its commitment to the coalition and resolved to strengthen its role within it. Elected representatives pledged to champion women's interests across diverse platforms and constituencies.


Afterward, the members participated in a workshop session where they articulated key issues and strategies for advancing women's agenda in the lead-up to the 2025 elections.


From reproductive rights to climate change, participants underscored the urgency of prioritizing women's concerns on the national stage. Strategies ranging from grassroots organizing to strategic alliances were explored, underscoring the collective resolve to effect meaningful change.


As the assembly drew to a close, participants reaffirmed their commitment to the cause of women's empowerment with unwavering resolve.


Against the backdrop of challenges and opportunities, Every Woman emerged poised to navigate the complexities of Philippine politics with resilience and determination.