JOLO TWIN BOMBING: Not for political leverage

Posted on August 27, 2020


Recent reports bared that the senseless and horrific twin blasts in Jolo, Sulu, on August 24 were carried out by two female suicide bombers believed to be supporters of the Islamic State (IS). The IS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the despicable act.


We grieve with the families and loved ones of the 14 civilians and soldiers who perished from the incident and fervently pray for the immediate recovery of the wounded.


We strongly condemn this act of terror that adds to the strain and suffering of our people caught in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We call on the government to immediately act to ensure the safety and welfare of the Joloanons.


Violence and the sacrifice of lives have no place in a democratic country. The Duterte administration needs to examine its own pronouncements, actions and neglect that have stoked violent acts instead of promoting peaceful resolution of conflicts. It must also give urgent and impartial attention to the on-going investigation of nine policemen who killed four military intel officers back in June. The soldiers were then on a mission and were allegedly tracking the two suicide bombers when the shooting happened.


We caution individuals and groups with vested interests to refrain from using this incident for their own self-serving purposes and political leveraging. Instead, justice should be served for the victims and peace secured for this truly troubled region.


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