Learning modules spark informal, engaging discussions on politics and governance with youth and young professionals

Posted on April 02, 2022

By Sheryl Datinguinoo

INCITEGov piloted its Politics-Governance-Development (PGD) Modules with several sectors including the youth and young professionals sectors from February to March 2022.


For the youth sector, INCITEGov conducted a total of 60 PGD sessions with 15 groups of high school & college-level students from NCR (Caloocan, Manila), Luzon (Ilocos, Lucena, Albay), Visayas (Samar, Leyte) & Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro, Lanao) and Youth for Mental Health Coalition members all over the Philippines.


Likewise, the core group of the young professionals sector as well as 19 more from their network underwent three PGD sessions before implementing their own action plans to expand reach and advocacies.


All sessions were held online via Zoom.


Participants from the youth sector share their feedback on the modules


A common feedback from participants of the learning sessions was on its informal and accessible design. According to them, the PGD Modules introduced the discussion of politics and governance in an engaging and appealing way. It provided a guide on rethinking how relationships with leaders are viewed, and that fostering healthy relationships with them based on respect, trust/truth, openness, and accountability should be made fundamental. Choosing leaders can be akin to choosing life partners - checking one's past/track record and qualities is ideal.


Authentic humanism, uses of power and the values clarification sessions resonated with the youth participants. These lessons presented a worldview that they said they can use in defining their vision for society and themselves. Likewise, they showed resolve to look for political leaders with the same values.


Another part of the modules illustrated the vast powers of government, specifically with the case approach on how the government utilized and mobilized its resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants expressed dismay over discussed inefficiencies and corruption, and this module instilled a "thirst" for leaders noted to have a track record of conscientious spending and timely mobilization of resources for the poor and marginalized.


For young professionals, the PGD sessions had a "value-adding" function. To them, the P-G-D sessions helped to concretize their vision of a good leader and the particular qualities to look for. The sessions helped them gain a better understanding of the perspectives of fellow young professionals and the context and experiences that inform and influence their worldview.


Another positive result of the sessions is manifested in the improved facilitation skills of the core group which further helped them in engaging their fellow young professionals in this age of online engagements and discussions.


Download the PDG Modules here or its summary here .