INCITEGov defines strategic plan for 2022 to 2028

Posted on December 10, 2022


INCITEGov completed its strategic plan for 2022 to 2028 after a series of workshops among its members and founding trustees from August to October 2022.


The workshops, facilitated by INCITEGov member Angelita Gregorio-Medel, included an assessment of the 2022 national elections, a review of INCITEGov's theory of change, scanning of the current socio-political landscape and stakeholder mapping. These led to revisions in the organization's vision and mission, in addition to the identification of goals and objectives for the next six years.


INCITEGov's updated vision, mission and goal for 2022 to 2028



INCITEGov, Inc. envisions a vibrant democracy where citizens are empowered to collectively pursue and participate in accountable and transparent governance in order to achieve an equitable, prosperous, peaceful, diverse, just, and sustainable society.



We work in partnership with democratic networks and forces to deepen democracy in the country, imbued with the conviction that meaningful development can only be achieved when all sectors, particularly the vulnerable and marginalized, collectively, freely and responsibly participate in democratic politics and transparent, accountable, and inclusive governance that delivers responsive and equitable development outcomes.


INCITEGOV GOAL for 2022-2028

We contribute to creating conditions for a vibrant democracy by growing a deepened political consciousness and political action, and an empowered citizenry manifested in support for democratic candidates at all levels. In the next six years, INCITEGov will continue to help empower public constituencies and a multi-sectoral community of democracy workers dedicated to advancing and sustaining democratic reform through the practice of linking democratic politics, good governance and development outcomes (P-G-D).


INCITEGov members, with friends and partner networks, during the 2022 General Assembly


INCITEGov aims to promote the vision of a democracy that connects with the people. It also plans to contribute in increasing the number of political leaders who are committed to making good governance and participatory democracy work at all levels. In this regard, it will expand its work with local civil society organizations, communities and local government units.


Furthermore, INCITEGov will also conduct conversations and dialogues among the various groups and sectors towards the deepening of understanding and practice of democracy. Related to this, INCITEGov will work with groups that are into harnessing social media as a tool for informed citizenship and bridging narratives.


Finally, INCITEGov will continue playing its role as a hub and convener of democratic movements and forces through linking, strengthening and consolidating the collaboration among grassroots, national and international organizations, strategic sectors and networks.