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Tax amnesties - forgive and forget

February 21, 2018

I read somewhere that the word of the year is "complicity." It is defined as "partnership or involvement in wrongdoing." I cannot explain why the word came to my mind when I read the general tax amnesty that is proposed by Congress. By coincidence, the Ombudsman ordered a closure on the investigation of the foreign accounts of the President.

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Fix the leaks instead of a shift

February 13, 2018

Not everybody can be a local government leader. Secretary Jesse Robredo said that he must be "marangal, magaling, at matino." (honorable, effective, and efficient). He can be no less. The challenges that face him are daunting. He is the father, the leader, the provider, the protector, the visionary, the resource provider, and, the enforcer. His constituency prefers to have everything for free. They have been spoiled by paternalistic politicians who bought their loyalty through dole-outs and patronage.

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Improving the Delivery of Social Protection through ICT-Case Studies in Mongolia, Nepal, and Viet Nam

November 25, 2017

The rapid growth of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector over the past 2 decades has been changing the face and pace of development. Many countries in Asia and the Pacific are investing in ICT and integrating its elements in governance, including social protection programs.

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